The Heel of Italy - Puglia

We have been travelling to Italy for many years now but had never holidayed on the heel of Italy. In May 2016 along with our friends Peter and Geri we spent a pleasant 10 days touring the whole region.

Apulia is a region of Italy in Southern Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea in the east, the Ionian Sea to the southeast, and the Strait of Òtranto and Gulf of Taranto in the south. Its southern most portion, known as Salento peninsula, forms a "stiletto" on the "boot" of Italy. The region covers an area of 7,469 square miles, and has a population of about 4 million people.

It is bordered by the other Italian regions of Molise to the north, Campania to the west, and Basilicata to the southwest. Across the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, it faces Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, and Montenegro, The Apulia region extends as far north as Monte Gargano. Its capital city is Bari.

Puglia's coastline is longer than any other mainland Italian region. In the north, the Gargano promontory extends out into the Adriatic, while in the south, the flat and dry Salento peninsula forms the 'stiletto' of Italy's boot.