Doddington Hall. Lincoln

Donnington Hall is a lovely home situated five miles west of Lincoln.  At over four hundred years old, the house was started in 1595 by Robert Smythson and completed some five years later in 1600.

Elegant Georgian features adorn the interiors with some lovely tapestries, porcelain and paintings adorning the walls. The house was originally built for Thomas Tailor, the registrar to the Bishop of Lincoln. In 1749 the hall was inherited by John Deleval who during his time here in 1760 carried out some significant internal changes to the building, resulting in the light elegant Georgian style that is still present today. 

Since the house was built it has never been sold, five families have lived here and each time being passed down through the female line, the current family Claire and James Birch inherited the house in 2006 from Anthony George Jarvis, Claire’s father. 

This was our second visit to Donnington Hall and at Christmas 2016 the house looked quite magical the rooms decorated to depict characters and stories from fairy tales.

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Doddington Hall