Wild Flowers

We are very fortunate in this country to have a rich and diverse selection of wild plants. The climate and Gulf Stream all play there part in their survival, sadly changes in farming techniques have put increased pressure on their survival although the system of set as side land has helped not only protect some wild flowers but the wildlife too. Here are a very small selection of wild flowers I have seen on my travels around the county.

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Bee Orchid
Yellow Iris
White Clover
Northern Marsh Orchid
Common Poppy
Creeping Buttercup
Greater Knapweed
Wild Teasel
Common Dandelion
Tufted Vetch
Common Knapweed
Canadian Goldenrod
Purple Loosestrife
Common Spotted orchid
Rosebay Willowherb
Himalayan Balsam
Common Ragwort
White Campion
Red Campion
Spear Thistle
Lesser Burdock
Greater Plantain