RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2017

After quite a wild and windy weekend the early part of the week wasn’t much better either, with strong winds and heavy rain showers. Today I have just returned home from visiting RHS Flower show at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. I cannot believe it was 2012 when I visited the RHS flower show at Chelsea, so it was nice to be able to compare them both.

The morning started off well, we had some overnight rain but at least the sun was shining. 

It is a reasonable one and a quarter hour drive from home to Chatsworth but unfortunately this journey took us two and a half hours due soley to the volume of traffic entering the show. The organisation was excellent, the volume of cars incredible, fortunately we were able to park within  a ten minutes’ walk of the stately home which wasn’t too bad considering where other people had to park. (I wish I could have had a pound for every car parked today, phew.)

The majority of the show was set up the other side of the river which was quite nice as the house made a nice backdrop. First stop though was for a coffee break and to determine our whereabouts’ in the showground.

After a coffee we headed for the great conservatory, a huge inflatable tent which forms quite a centrepiece between both the Devonshire and Cavendish Floral Marquees. A massive centrepiece was suspended from the ceiling with mist jets spraying the plants to keep them moist. Some wonderful displays and arrangements spread out from the centrepiece. Both the Marquees were full of exhibits, some of the floral arrangements were quite stunning.

Outside the marquees were rows and rows of trade stands and more plant displays, selling everything you could imagine for the garden, from garden furniture, every kind of hand tool, lawnmowers and hedge trimmers, fancy lighting and ornaments, the list was endless.

The show gardens were excellent, with some on one side of the river and others amongst the trade stands, in fact we missed some of them.

A great day out, the weather stayed fine and dry although it was wet underfoot. Due to the nature of the event there is lots of walking involved to see everything and get around the site, fortunately it was on flat level ground. I enjoyed the show much better than the Chelsea show and will definitely be returning next year.  

I hope all the cars were able to get out of the car parks ok, the ground was cutting up quite badly as we left mid-afternoon, fortunately there was lots of car park staff to assist when and were necessary.

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RHS Chatsworth 2017