I first started going to Sorrento in 2005. It is a beautiful small town situated on the edge of the Bay of Naples, approximately one hour’s drive from Naples airport. The town stands on a high plateau of volcanic rock which drops sheer to the sea. Sorrento has been a popular resort town since the 1700’s. It has plenty of character and charm with tall colourful buildings and narrow streets with a rich diversity of shops, cafés and restaurants. The town’s ancient origins can be traced back to the Greeks; Sorrento was first ruled by the Samnites and then the Romans, under whom it became a favourite holiday retreat. A walk through the narrow streets of the town is a must. You can still see many examples of Greek architecture as well as the impact the Romans had on the town.

It is a town I have returned to for many years since 2005. To see more pictures please click on the respective gallery.

Basilica di Sant Antonino - Sorrento
The Cathedral - Sorrento
The Grand Hotel Royal
Marina Piccola - The main Harbour
The Bay of Naples
The Cloisters of St Francis
Marina Grande - The Old Town
Big boats and little boats
The Grand Hotel Ambasciatori
Sedil Dominova