Bridget and Poppy

Bridget and Poppy where my companions on many of my photographic journeys. They where Chocolate Labrador bitches, born in September 2003 from the same litter. As puppies they chewed  everything they could get hold of and got into all sorts of predicaments.  In 2004/2005 Poppy was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and consequentely had two artificial titanium hips. She made a full recovery and was as fit and active as her sister for the rest of her life. They were the most adoring and loving dogs I could have wished for. They both loved water and any opportunity they got to run into the sea or lake they would be off., fortunately they were both strong and powerful swimmers.

Bridget and Poppy had great temperaments, both were different in many ways, but  extremely loyal and loving. They could still be naughty and mischievous even in their older years. Two great family pets.

Sadly Bridget passed away in September 2015 sucumbing to cancer and Poppy two months later from severe arthritis.

Fortunately they both left us with many happy and memorable moments.

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Dog Days
Farndale daffodils 2011
Northumberland, Embleton June 2012
Castle Howard Daffodils
Castle Howard Arboretum
Borrowdale October 2014
Bluebell Woods 2007 - 2015
Blakey Ridge NYM 2007
Borrowdale October 2010
Borrowdale 2009
Borrowdale 2008
Borrowdale 2007
Balmoral 2006
Loch Vaa 2006
Isle of Arran 2006
Frasethorpe 2013