Meg and Gracie - Chocolate Moments

Having lost Poppy & Bridget quite unexpectedly towards the latter part of 2015 within two months of each other, we decided to have a break from dogs and enjoy some holidays and days out without the confines of having them with us etc. Well that was the plan.

After about a fortnight of losing Bridget and Poppy I was struggling to cope without having a companion by my side, the house just wasn’t the same, there was no one to meet and greet you when you came in on a night time, no one to get you up in the morning and I really missed the love and affection only a dog can give, as well as the fact that I needed more exercise.

It was just before Christmas 2015 whilst I was browsing through the Kennel Club website of registered breeders of Chocolate Labradors in the Yorkshire region that I noticed a breeder whose dog had just had a litter. I contacted them within days of the puppies being born. We went to visit the puppies when they were three days old and fell in love with the entire litter. We visited them several times whilst they were still with their mother and siblings and just after Christmas Meg and Gracie came into our lives.

On the page below is a gallery of their lives so far. Enjoy the images.

Warning: there is an overload of Chocolate’s


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Meg and Gracie - Puppy days
Kilcamb Lodge Country House Hotel. August 2016
Meg Gracie - Castle Howard 2017.
Meg and Gracie - 5 months. May 2016.
Meg and Gracie - 12 weeks
Meg and Gracie - 11 weeks
Meg and Gracie 10 weeks old
Meg and Gracie - 9 weeks old. February 2016
Meg and Gracie 7weeks old. Home day. Jan 2016
Meg and Gracie. 8 weeks. 2016
Meg & Gracie May 2018